Tom Hall


Lawrence English & Tom Hall 2008 - 'Euphonia Live' coincides with the album release of
Euphonia on Italian label Presto!?

Extra 2007 - A television story about the release of Fluere, an album based on Brisbane's
Story Bridge.

Live performance and album launch, 2007

A short video produced for an international online exhibition. Formed from recordings of
both sound and video from Brisbane's Story Bridge.

Other Film Festival, Brisbane, Australia, 2007
Drift is a visual installation dealing with ones cognitive desire to place ones self somewhere in relation to the World. Drifting at times, life can almost feel out of ones control, much like floating along a road or in the interconnected water that makes up the oceans of the World. Drift is an investigation into creating a visceral experience for the audience to represent my vision in these analogies and interests.

GRADUATE STUDIES 2005 (and earlier)
Pool of Senses

Concrete Mind

Garage and I

Rooftop Reality

Me and the Sea

Space Equation